Patient Testimonials

To McKowen Family Dental,


Yesterday, after Dr. Ray extended a huge kindness to me regarding my bill, my husband and I began reflecting on the excellent dental care our family has received these past three decades.  We want you to know that we don't take that blessing for granted.  We deeply appreciate the professionalism and warmth of each of you.  Thanks for making a difference in our lives and in the lives of so many, many families in our community.  You are improving our health.  We love the cheerful, welcoming atmosphere of your office. Thanks for doing what you do with excellence every day!


With deep appreciation,

Diann & Pat B.

Dr Ray,


I just wanted to thank you. You are the best dentist I have ever had. I know I'm in good hands at your office. Thank you for caring and making me feel at ease.


Love, Misty H

A prospective dental student who was interested in the field of dentistry came into our office for a few days to job shadow and this is what he had to say following his time with our office:


Dr. Ray McKowen, Dr. Chris McKowen, & staff:


Thanks so much for the warm welcome received and allowing me to shadow in your practice back in August. Now that I have done so in a number of other offices, I can truly say that shadowing the two of you in your practice was one of the highlights of my shadowing experiences.  If one has their patient chuckling much of the way through their root canal, filling, or other such visit--that someone has got gentle dental care down to an art. Both of you and your staff taking time to show and explain procedures was quite beneficial as well, and greatly appreciated.  Thanks again!


Damian R.